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Our History

Ward's Seafood has always been a family-owned business built on the foundation of high quality and freshness.

Take a look of how we started and see how far we've come!



In 1955, Millie Ward began selling fresh fish caught in local waters by her husband, Johnny Ward. She sold the fish from the original building, which was located on the corner of Belleair Road and South Greenwood Avenue in Clearwater. Word quickly spread that the Ward's had "the freshest fish in town", and the business rapidly grew.

In 1956, the Wards built a permanent structure on this same corner which still stands as part of the building today. The building today has since seen six additions and Ward's Seafood has grown into a thriving retail seafood establishment that offers its customers fresh seafood from local, northern, and international waters.

The people and the tradition of selling "the freshest fish in town" have changed little since Johnny and Millie Ward. Ward's Seafood is still family owned and known throughout the seafood industry as being "very picky," because it only deals with a select group of fishermen who take pride in their work and are dedicated to providing the public with the highest quality seafood available.

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