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Crabs on Ice


Here is a list of the crab we offer. All items are subject to availability.

We offer steaming services for all crab for an additional $3 per pound charge.

Snow Crab

Also known as "Queen Crab", they are found in Northern cold waters.  You can expect 2-3 clusters in a pound.

Blue Crab

These crab are locally caught and come in small, medium, large, and jumbo sold by the dozen or individually. We do offer cleaning and steaming for blue crab for an additional fee.

Rock Crab

Similar to Dungeness Crab, rock crab has sweet, delicate meat.  

King Crab

These crab come from the deep, cold waters of Alaska. You can expect approx. 2 legs in a pound.

Stone Crab

These locally caught claws are available from October 15th till May 15th. We offer the following sizes:





Super Jumbo

Dungeness Crab

The meat of this crab is very sweet and tender. You can expect 2-3 clusters in a pound.

Blue Crab Meat

We offer 1 lb. canned blue crab meat in the following styles:


jumbo lump


cocktail claw

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