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We are pleased to offer customers UPS Next Day Air® shipping within the continental US. On the day of delivery, your favorite fresh seafood is cut, packaged, and labeled for easy storage. It is then placed in a heavy Styrofoam cooler with a white cardboard outer, packaged with gel packs and shipped out that evening. Every seafood shipment comes with our brochure and seafood care tips so there are no worries.


Ward's Seafood has negotiated the best UPS Next Day Air® shipping rates available. These discount rates are passed on directly to the customer. The minimum shipping rate for overnight shipping starts at $140. UPS rates vary according to weight and zip code. Additionally, the fresh seafood you choose to ship is priced as it is in our showcase. Lastly, there is a flat packaging fee of $12 for the cooler setup (which includes the Styrofoam cooler, cardboard box, and gel packs). 

Recently place a shipping order?

We thank you for your order!

Here are the recommended guidelines:​

  • Immediately upon arrival, remove your seafood from the shipping container and place in the refrigerator or freezer.

  • For the freshest taste, eat your seafood as soon as it arrives! If you plan to save it for a later date, freeze it immediately.

  • Your seafood order can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours, then it must be consumed or frozen.

  • Frozen seafood is best if it is consumed within 3 months.

  • Remember: The fresher the product is when it is frozen, the fresher it will be when it is thawed.

  • Always rinse your seafood in an ice water brine bath prior to consumption. To prepare an ice water brine bath, fill your sink with about a gallon of cold water, ice, and approximately one tablespoon of salt. Rinse your seafood in the brine for 10-15 seconds, then prepare as desired. It's easy!


Since the product we ship is fresh, not frozen, you may experience a fresh seafood odor when your package is opened. This is to be expected! All seafood should be rinsed prior to consumption as instructed above. When seafood is contained for a period of time, it will sit in its own juice and may develop an odor. This does not mean the seafood is spoiled! The rule is: "rinse, then smell".

If your package arrived late, DO NOT DISCARD IT! Please call us immediately!

Your seafood order has been packaged under strict guidelines to ensure freshness for up to 36 hours.

Thank you again for your order!

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