Specialty Items

"Since 1955 Ward's Seafood has been providing fresh seafood to both residents and visitors. Almost 100 percent of our fish is caught by local fishermen who take short trips into the Gulf of Mexico. We purchase this seafood directly off the boats from folks we've known for years."



- Amer Stergeon

- Amer Whitefish

- Anchoviar

- Osetra

- Avruga

- Paddlefish

- Beluga

- Salmon

- Bowfin Black

- Sevruga

- Capelin

- Tabiko (Black)

- Tabiko (Orange)

- Tabiko (Red)

- Golden Sushi

- Hackleback

- Kaluga

- Wasabi

- Keta

- Lobsviar

- Masago

Caviar is a special order item only.

Additional Specialty Items

- Sea Urchin

- Escargot

- Frog Legs

- Alligator

- African Lobster tails

- Eel

*Discounts are excluded from the following, sale items, manager special, services charges, kitchen specials, catering, and party platters*