Fresh Salads & Spreads

Freshly Prepared Salads

- Japanese Sesame Seaweed Salad

- Spicy Japanese Seaweed Salad

- Spiced Baby Octopus

- Calamari Salad

- Marinated Mussel Salad

- Shrimp Salad

- Shrimp & Tortellini Salad

- Cajun Crawfish Salad

- Herring & Wine

- Herring & Cream

- Edmine w/ Black Seaweed Salad

- Blackened Tuna Pasta Salad

- Blackened Chicken Pasta Salad

- Black Eye Pea & Bean Salad

- BLT Salad

- Japanese Cucumber Salad

- Seafood Salad

- Lo-Cal Seafood Salad

- Coleslaw

- Potato Salad


Freshly Prepared Spreads

- Smoked Fish Spread

- Smoked Shrimp Spread

** Please note our salads/spread are not available everyday. Call and check available. We will make the salad you need, just call and place an order.**

*Discounts are excluded from the following, sale items, manager special, services charges, kitchen specials, catering, and party platters*